Myers named Uvolv Athletics President

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Myers named Uvolv Athletics President

Inspire Athletics Advising, LLC is a Grand Forks, ND based company, focused on helping student-athletes transition from high school to college has been acquired by Uvolv Corporation an Omaha, Nebraska based company. Inspire was founded by former University of North Dakota coach, Kyle Myers. While Kyle was at UND he was a coach and director of recruiting operations. Uvolv will be working with Inspire to merge operations and continue to provide services to athletes, coaches and families.

Kyle is a compassionate leader who created a proven process to assist high school administrators and coaches with the complex recruiting process. Uvolv and Inspire align very closely especially through the recruiting process, advising sports organizations, corporate sales inventory development, and create fundraising solutions for sports teams.

Uvolv Corporation will be launching in October 2018 with a new app to help athletes and performers. Uvolv is building the first ever cloud-based platform promoting athletics, performing arts and helping people of all ages connect and share their expertise. Uvolv is excited to name Myers as President of Uvolv Athletics.

Uvolv’s mission is to create a lifelong series of profiles for performers and athletes that can be controlled by the member. Ensuring an organized platform where students and adults can interact and share their expertise to support athletes and performers as they progress through the multiple activities in their lifetime.

For more information on Uvolv Athletics, contact Kyle Myers at (​).

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