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More than a game...

by: Kyle Myers, former D1 college football coach, higher education professional & Uvolv President, Athetics

Winning football games was not always the top priority for me. More often, the true challenge was convincing young men to trust me in as a man. To get them to believe in me as a coach on the field, but more importantly, as a mentor coaching skills that would impact their lives as husbands, fathers, men in society.

After exiting the coaching industry to spend more time with my family, I was fortunate to land an opportunity continuing to work with college students outside of athletics. I quickly learned that it was more than just athletes who I could help. A product of the combination of my experience in coaching, recruiting, advising and mentoring as a coach, higher education professional, and motivator is Uvolv.

Uvolv supports member's evolution with:
• Maximizing Exposure
• Live Streaming & Instant Highlights
• Coaching
• Personal Profiles

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