How Recruiting Works

We are NOT a recruiting service. WE do not get student-athletes recruited. We guide, advise, and design personalized programs that position student-athletes to get THEMSELVES recruited. Throughout the process, athletes and their parents learn what is important, when it is important, and how each step in the four-year process impacts the potential of earning a scholarship offer.


For “blue chip” recruits, highlights and reputation garner enough attention for them to get recruited. But most student-athletes need additional opportunities to gain significant attention from scholarship offering programs. Our recruiting professionals advise on these opportunities and make sure athletes understand how their participation impacts their status.


Deficiencies relating to academic performance in high school is typically the reason why elite athletes don’t earn an opportunity. Prospective student-athletes need to complete a number of core classes, achieve a solid GPA, and obtain a minimum SAT or ACT score in order to be eligible to accept a scholarship offer. And when they fail to meet the requirements, they usually are not recruited at all. We advise student athletes on these topics and help them find solutions when needed.

    Personalized Prospect Positioning

    Our recruiting professionals correspond with member prospects via email as often as weekly. They deliver advising points, answer questions, and prepare prospects and their families for next steps.

    Prospects enrolled in the personalized program work personally with our recruiting professionals and build customized recruiting programming designed for the individual’s recruiting status, goals, and geographical location.

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